Quick Event

For Hebrew instructions go here

Quick Event is a Calendar Event Inserter tool like Google Quick Add

The end of filling out complicated forms ! 
Add events to your calendar as quickly as possible by taking advantage of advanced native language processing.
This powerful tool allows you to insert complicated event that include advanced parameters such as recurring factors, location, duration and much more.
just start typing or speaking and let us do the rest... :)

Usage Examples:
 * Family dinner @Mom's every Sunday at 7pm
 * Meeting with Joe tomorrow at 9
 * Buy milk @5pm. reminder 30 minutes
 * Test from Monday to Friday
 * Another test from mon until fri
 * Play basketball w/ Mark 10/10 weekly

You may want to look at the supported abbreviations list.

In case you want learn more about how to use this app and Google's quickadd feature, just log on to http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=36604

Designed for English and Hebrew languages only. In case you use any other language you may use the @ symbol as a replacement for "at" for both location and time, and use numeric dates like 10/11.

To change date format go to your phone's Settings -> Date & time settings -> Select date format.

For speech recognition make sure you have Voice Input enabled on you device (install Voice Search by Google if you don't).