Sunday, January 22, 2012

ICS Themes

Modern ICS is designed to match Ice Cream Sandwich's Email widget.
Modern ICS Inverted is its inverted version (dark background, orange lines, inverted icons)
Modern ICS Dark is the dark version of modern ics new

APW 1.2.5 is required.





Android Pro Widgets 1.2.5 and Quick Event 1.2.1 released

Quick bug fix release.
  • Fixed Calendar auto update
  • Fixed bookmarks FC
  • Fixed Quick Event FC 
Massive thanks for everyone that submitted a report.

All APW apps updated

Just released updates to

  • Android Pro Widgets (1.2.4)
    • TouchDown Exchange support.
    • Folders support in bookmarks for Dolphin HD and Honeycomb/ICS browsers.
    • Thumbnails creator now also works for Dolphin HD.
    • Contacts widget now attempts to show restricted Facebook contacts.
    • Translations: French and Italian updated, Catalan added (Special thanks to Rocheraux Rose, Alessio Moro, Gerard Pelleja Josa).
    • Many small improvements and fixes in all widgets.
  • APW Google Reader (1.1.4)
    • Refresh button now actually refresh the data
    • Header click opens the correct feed (previously opened the feed with a few bad parameters). 
    • Updated to match all latest Android Pro Widgets changes.
  • Quick Event (1.2.0)
    • Updated to support ICS calendar
    • TouchDown Exchange support (note: OK buttons acts like Edit).
    • Using 'Light Holo' system theme in full screen mode on Honeycomb+.
Also some themes got updated to match the latest compatibility changes with ICS.
And two new ICS themes (Modern ICS & ICS Inverted) are coming soon ;)