Sunday, January 22, 2012

ICS Themes

Modern ICS is designed to match Ice Cream Sandwich's Email widget.
Modern ICS Inverted is its inverted version (dark background, orange lines, inverted icons)
Modern ICS Dark is the dark version of modern ics new

APW 1.2.5 is required.






  1. Could you fix the inverted to not invert the App icons and the blue line

  2. Yes. It will be available as "Modern ICS Dark" in the future.

    I first need to create a new icon for the Timeline widget (the current one is temporary and really ugly). If anyone can help me with that it would be awesome because I really don't have time to work on it ATM.

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  4. Also if possible, please have the refresh button as one of the main buttons and not hidden away. This is especially useful on the Twitter/Facebook widgets where I'm constantly refreshing.

    Thanks! These ICS themes are looking great.

  5. Hi Will,

    I forced the menu button because there wasn't enough space for the refresh button on the top bar. Can you suggest a position for it?

  6. Hey Roee88,

    Would it be difficult to implement a toggle option where you can pick and choose which buttons you would like to show on the widgets?

    Thanks for the consideration.

    1. Or maybe having the widget icon (located at the top left of each widget) act as a refresh button?

      Currently using Modern ICS Dark. Fits perfectly with ICS. Good work!

  7. Sure am glad we could help inspire you to release different colors of the ICS widgets.

    DCOMBL! influencing EVERYONE

  8. Love these new themes. Currently using Modern ICS Dark. On the Facebook and Twitter widgets, the icons to the left of "Create a new message" on each widget are really tough to see with a dark background. Think these could be lightened up to match the envelope with a + icon? That would be great! Thanks for a good product.

  9. Please try to integrate these Widgets with the ICS framework better if you can. ICS allows for 256px contact pictures and smooth scrolling so it is disappointing to see tiny pictures and scroll lag when I know my tablet is capable of better. Thank you !

  10. I like the color variations from this new themes. In my widget, I really need to change my old themes already, you can just Click Here To Buy Blue Widgets for you to see it.

  11. I like the ICS theme is this theme only for Android mobile or can be useful for Android Tablets?

  12. Hi Roee88,

    First of all thanks for the great widgets. But there is some points for improvements... I have SONY Xperia SL with ICS 4.0.4 it's almost stock but I have some lags with widgets especially after sleep mode or playing/using games/apps... could you please investigate the possibility for improvement performance.
    And the second point is: so much the same widget shortcuts with different sizes in widget tab... why not to make one shortcut for each category and then resize it on homesreen?!
    Any way waiting for new updates and especially updates with performance.