Sunday, January 22, 2012

All APW apps updated

Just released updates to

  • Android Pro Widgets (1.2.4)
    • TouchDown Exchange support.
    • Folders support in bookmarks for Dolphin HD and Honeycomb/ICS browsers.
    • Thumbnails creator now also works for Dolphin HD.
    • Contacts widget now attempts to show restricted Facebook contacts.
    • Translations: French and Italian updated, Catalan added (Special thanks to Rocheraux Rose, Alessio Moro, Gerard Pelleja Josa).
    • Many small improvements and fixes in all widgets.
  • APW Google Reader (1.1.4)
    • Refresh button now actually refresh the data
    • Header click opens the correct feed (previously opened the feed with a few bad parameters). 
    • Updated to match all latest Android Pro Widgets changes.
  • Quick Event (1.2.0)
    • Updated to support ICS calendar
    • TouchDown Exchange support (note: OK buttons acts like Edit).
    • Using 'Light Holo' system theme in full screen mode on Honeycomb+.
Also some themes got updated to match the latest compatibility changes with ICS.
And two new ICS themes (Modern ICS & ICS Inverted) are coming soon ;)

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