Friday, December 30, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.2.3 released

Change log:
  • Previous update caused people widget to miss a contact on selected groups
  • Bookmarks: Dolphin Browser HD support.
    Not all features work with this browser. Also note that this is for the HD version only.
    We hope to get response from Dolphin Team in order to support all of their browsers.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.2.2

  • Changed which widgets sizes are enabled by default. If you can't re-enable a widget you previously disabled you will need to reinstall the app. If your widget won't load anymore you will need to remove and re-add it to home screen. Sorry about that!
  • Allow full widget resizing in ICS.
  • More modern look in the main application.
  • Widget previews in Honeycomb+.
  • Italian translation updated (thanks AleRock94)
Quick Event
  • Fixed FC on Samsung and Motorola devices.
  • Improved parsing of time pharses.
  • Show contact action.
  • Fixed FC when using SE Launcher.
  • Option to fix time stamps on Motorola devices.
  • Option to fix click action on HTC devices (Still not working very well with stock HTC messaging app).
  • Fixed compatibility with latest FriendCaster.
  • Fixed compatibility with latest Twitter for Android. Had to clear database for that so please click the refresh button after installing the update.
  • Added 'None' sort order (For compatibility with Bookmark Sort & Backup and some variations of the stock browser).
  • All pages opened by the widget will use the same browser window (Actually applies to Twitter and Facebook widgets as well).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.2.1

More bug fixes (sorry)
  • Fixed incompatibility of some themes with Launcher Pro and SE Launcher.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in twitter and agenda.
  • Check out the new themes by TEAMCARBON

Monday, December 12, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.2.0 released

Quick update for issues discovered in 1.1.9. 
  • Fixed some widgets sizes not updating
  • Fixed calendar widget providers detection
  • Add option for changing scrolling type when more than one is available (Intended for users with 3rd party launchers on Honeycomb/ICS)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.1.9 released

  • Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility
  • Calendars selection menu
  • Experimental Calibrate calendar size feature for Test display style.
  • Many improvements to the Twitter widget including better internal viewer and many integration options.
  • Facebook integration with seesmic.
  • 5x5 and 5x4 widget sizes (disabled by default)
  • Improvements to Quick Event to match voice recognition better. (Hebrew users: note that Android now support Hebrew voice recognition)
Dr Appche Team.