Thursday, December 29, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.2.2

  • Changed which widgets sizes are enabled by default. If you can't re-enable a widget you previously disabled you will need to reinstall the app. If your widget won't load anymore you will need to remove and re-add it to home screen. Sorry about that!
  • Allow full widget resizing in ICS.
  • More modern look in the main application.
  • Widget previews in Honeycomb+.
  • Italian translation updated (thanks AleRock94)
Quick Event
  • Fixed FC on Samsung and Motorola devices.
  • Improved parsing of time pharses.
  • Show contact action.
  • Fixed FC when using SE Launcher.
  • Option to fix time stamps on Motorola devices.
  • Option to fix click action on HTC devices (Still not working very well with stock HTC messaging app).
  • Fixed compatibility with latest FriendCaster.
  • Fixed compatibility with latest Twitter for Android. Had to clear database for that so please click the refresh button after installing the update.
  • Added 'None' sort order (For compatibility with Bookmark Sort & Backup and some variations of the stock browser).
  • All pages opened by the widget will use the same browser window (Actually applies to Twitter and Facebook widgets as well).

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