• Q: How much does it cost
    A: Most functionality is available for free but to unlock all features you should pay just 2.49$.

  • Q: What widgets are available
    A:  Calendar, Agenda, People, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook and Twitter. Google Reader is available seperately. Timeline (Facebook+Twitter) available for licensed version.

  • Q: What permissions does Android Pro Widgets require
    A:  Read Here

  • Q: How do I change the widget's settings
    A: Click the preferences button (placed on the right side of the widget's footer).
    Then change any setting and press your phone's back button when you're done.

  • Q: How do I force a refresh of the widget
    A: Widgets are automatically refreshed when needed or on regular times (depends on the widget). To manually update a widget just click the refresh button  (placed on the left side of the widget's footer). Some widgets are refreshed immediately and others will notify you on refresh start and on refresh completion.

    • Q: Why do I need to press the arrow button each time to scroll
      A:  This is the case only on Android 2.x with launchers that does not support scrollable widgets or when scrollable widgets support is disabled on your launcher's settings.

      • Q: There are too many widgets for different sizes and I don't use all
        A: In the main app you can disable any unused widget size. Phone reboot may be required.

      • Q: My Facebook contact images are not visible
      • A: Facebook for Android images are restricted to system applications. Just use the free application Contact Sync for Facebook 
      • Q: How do I change the colors of my Google calendars?
      • A: You should do it from the google calendar itself. Instructions 

      • Q: Where is the Agenda widget? How do I change from Calendar to Agenda?
        A: The icon at the top right corner change from Month view to Agenda.
        On some themes like Modern ICS the icon is placed on the top left corner.

      • Q: I changed the Calendar display style and now it looks blurry
        A: Go to preferences → Calendar and click Calibrate Calendar Size.

      • Q: I want to add my Facebook calendar to the widget
        A: You should add Facebook calendar to your phone first and then select it in the widget preferences under Active Calendars. See instructions  Here 
      • Q: Recurring events don't show up on month view
        A: There is a preference for that on the Calendar section of the widget's preferences. 

      • Q: Bookmarks don't show up correctly on my device
        A: Select the correct browser  in the widget's preferences.
        Nexus 7: Change browser to Chrome.
        Honeycomb and above: Change to Browser 3.0+ and select your account.

      • Q: Why don't you support more browsers?
        A: Most 3rd party browsers don't allow access to bookmarks so it's just impossible.

      • Q: Just installed APW but the Facebook widget is empty. Why?
        A: Make sure you logged in to Facebook in the widget's preferences and then press the update button. The first update may take a while because the cache is empty so be patient and wait for it to finish. After that any update will take much less time.

      • Q: Why don't you support integration with my favorite twitter app?
        A: Most apps don't support it.
        You should ask the developers of your twitter app to add support for twitter link handling.
        After that selected 'Web' in the integrate option will allow you to open tweets in your tweeter application. Feel free to suggest the developers to contact us if they need detailed information.

      • Q: How about a gmail widget?
        A: Email widget would hopefully be available soon after K9 5.0 release (Will support several email clients including Gmail for rooted devices).

      • Q: I have a suggestion. Should I send you an email ?
        A: All suggestions should be posted on apw.uservoice.com. Please make sure your suggestion is not already listed.

      If you have more questions just send us an email