Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Android Pro Widgets 1.2.7

Just released an update to our apps.

It includes some display changes, new app icons, better integration with ICS and Honeycomb and many small fixes and improvements.

We had to drop Dolphin HD support as they no longer allow it but we already contacted them and hopefully a better APW widget for Dolphin HD will be available in the future.

Please stop sending emails requesting a new Email widget. We already contacted the developers of the most popular Email applications to gather the information we need. Unfortunately most of these apps have limited APIs (the Gmail and Email apps does not provide any API at all) and I don't have too much time to work on it at the moment so it won't be available soon.

RIP green smiley.


  1. I love the widgets, great job! I see you updated for better ICS integration but I am having a problem with calendar on Galaxy s2 with ICS. The add event opens up the quick event but wont open up the standard add event dialog.

  2. I will reply to your email in a few minutes ;)

  3. I got the same problem on my galaxy s2 ICS

  4. If I understand it correctly you disable Quick Event in settings and then hit the '+' button from the calendar and nothing happens?
    Please do it again and send me the logs using logcollector to

  5. To keep you updated I submitted a bug report to Android and hopefully they will forward it to whomever may be able to fix it on Samsung.

    There is a workaround that will be implemented on the next update (using old code for Android 2.x devices seems to work on it well).

    Thank you both for the report!

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