Friday, August 17, 2012

Android Pro Widgets 1.3.1

Change log:

  • Fixed Facebook force close on some devices
  • Images in internal viewers no longer scaled
  • Adjustable number of items in Twitter
  • Increase Twitter performance by only querying for new data
  • Much faster refresh for Twitter and Facebook
  • More fixes
If you have any issue with this release please send us an email.


  1. Hi I have problems with timeline and facebook widget? when I try to login facebook I have a a popup message about wrong android key, visit Can you help me?

  2. Is there a gmail widget with this set? If not, anyone know of any? I'm looking for a gmail widget that has the type of black/transparent background like the ones featured here.
    Thanks, @Rebecca
    Online Ac Dc Adapter

  3. Why does the app need permission to send e-mail without my knowledge/approval?

  4. When I try to use FB or Timeline, it states the widget is misconfigured for FB....what should I do?

  5. @Counsel
    In addition to my answer to your email,
    It seems like the warning for email invitations is part of the WRITE_CALENDAR permissions. We don't send invitations though, it is only used for inserting calendar events from the Calendar widget.

    Where did you get the apk from?

  6. Just wondering if you can make a google+ time line or a google+ status update widget. Thanks and love the app.

  7. I LOVE your apps. However I have an issue with the People widget, specifically with the Custom groups. Sometimes, after refreshing/updating the widget most of the contacts that I've added to my custom group disappear from the widget. They are STILL in the custom group, however. So to get them to show up in the widget, I have to remove them (slide them off the side in the Custom Group dialog) and then re-add them. It's a pain and it seems like with this latest update, it does it every time the widget is refreshed.

  8. The timeline widget doesn't show all facebook posts, it appears as though it does not include when a contact is tagged in photos or when contacts comments on a status. Please fix as I'm missing a lot of posts, so I still need to use the FB app to see everything.

  9. android pro widgets is misconfigured for facebook login <--- Please address this issue. I have cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted the app from my Facebook profile in hopes of re-authentification. Nothing works.

    1. uninstall facebook app from your phone, then try logging into APW

  10. Facebook - bad data received. I paid for this app for the use of timeline. I'll be refunding without a fix. Galaxy Note 2.

  11. Facebook widget doesn't update... Ics rooted HTC evo4g lte. Any solutions? I've tried everything I know possible. Bug in Ics?

  12. I had the same problem trying to get it to work with Facebook. uninstalling Facebook app, then re-logging in to APW worked for me.

  13. Hi, I downloaded the 'xda developers' website on a Tmobile HTC G2 but now. I am not able to register because I don't have a 'regular' computer. I am in a 'nursing home' in Yonkers, N.Y. & can't get to any computer that has internet availability, as this place is locked down - for medical, security reasons. I really would like to be able to partake, participate, post questions, etc. - cause I have a bunch of 'old' HTC phones & the xda site seems to be the most knowledgeable & informative website of all I have come across. How can I possibly be allowed to register, joiin, or ? thanks~ Nadia Brightman

  14. Is this still bring developed/supported or is it abandonware?

  15. Is this still bring developed/supported or is it abandonware?