Thursday, December 20, 2012

Facebook bad data received error

There is a problem with Facebook's API that affects our application.
Hopefully they will fix it soon. We are working on a way to bypass it. Read edit.

We have discovered a way to bypass it and just released an update on Google Play.
You can get the fixed apk here if the update doesn't show up on your device yet:

Technical information:
Facebook started to block most requests that include the word 'Android' in the UserAgent field.
Since the Facebook for Android SDK itself sets this field I'm sure this is a bug they will fix soon but the upcoming update will resolve it anyway.

Please be more patience with this kind of errors which are clearly not under our control (we got some really shameful emails).


  1. Thank you for finding such a quick fix for this problem. If people were being unkind or impatient with you, please know that some of us, at least, are appreciative. You deserve praise for this level of support, not criticism! Anyway, you have my personal thanks, and sincere wishes for a wonderful holiday!

  2. uhm getting a little problem with the new update.. when i refresh the facebook feed nothing shows up on the widget.

  3. Hi APW, any plans on adding support for Google+? The stock Google+ widget is horrible!

  4. There's still an issue with the app. No content appears after a refresh.

  5. name and shame!!! :D

  6. Empty Facebook widget here too.
    My girlfried hasn't the issue...

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  8. I just bought the full version. The Facebook widget doesn't show all entries.

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  10. Hello, could you please update your twitter API to SSL? The widget is dead singe 01/15/2014.