Saturday, August 20, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.1.2 released

And also some new themes ;)
White Blobs
Red Wine

- Enable widgets sizes should now work correctly.
- [Facebook] Option to open items using 'Facebook For Android' (FriendCaster/TweetCaster devs contacted and hopefully we will support it later).
- [Messaging] Added widget size of 3x3 (disabled by default).
- [Calendar] Added widget size of 3x3 (disabled by default).
- More bug fixes...

Dr Appche Team.


  1. How do I sync my google calendar?

  2. We are using the android calendar directly.
    This means any change you make in the widget will automatically apply to your device's calendar application.

    Your calendar application is responsible for sync with google calendar (web).

    If you don't see events in the widget please make sure:
    1. You have visible calendars in your calendar's application (Open Calendar -> Menu -> More -> Calendars).
    2. The calendar provider in the widget's settings match your device.

    For any further help please email us to dr.appche @

  3. Really like the app on my rooted phone.. can you sinc calendar with Facebook can't figure it out if you can thx

  4. As I mentioned before, we are using your android calendar directly so any method to sync facebook calendar with android/google calendar would work.

    Here is an example:

    You will need to wait until your phone syncs with google calendar (you can do this manually from Settings -> Accounts & sync).

    After that, open the calendar application -> Menu -> More -> Calendars, and check the Facebook calendar.

  5. Love the timeliness widget, but why is there so much wasted space between the bottom of the post and the date/time posted?

  6. Hi Marc,

    You are probably using either Launcher Pro or Sony Ericsson Home. On any other launcher there is no empty space.

    Both of the launchers I mentioned support only an old version of the scrollable widgets API that doesn't support hiding empty fields.

    I think there is a workaround but we will implement it only when we implement configurable font size.