Friday, September 2, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.1.3 released

And also one new theme Framed Black


- [Bookmarks] Support for MIUI/Miren browsers
- [Facebook] Option to show wall posts also on the news feed tab
- [Facebook] Optional FriendCaster integration
- [Calendar] Timelines colors more readable
- [Calendar] Fixes for devices w/ low resolution
- [Calendar] Option to show birthdays and anniversaries
- [Agenda] Fixed date format for some devices
- [Agenda] Fixed past events visible bug. Also added an option for adjustable 'keep past event' time (license required).
- [People] Option to clone a custom group
- Thin Frame is now the default on launchers w/ scroll support
- Some more widget sizes for smart phones
- More options for update intervals
- Added Italian translation

== Honeycomb users ==
Enable/Disable widget sizes is unstable on honeycomb due to OS bug.
Google has already fixed it but I'm not sure if the fix is already included in Android 3.2. This feature is now hidden on Android 3.0-3.1.
If you can't find some widgets please reinstall !

Dr Appche Team.


  1. Don't suppose there's any chance of adding support for Facebook's Mobile Web site and Twitter's official Android client, is there?

    Would be immensely appreciated.

    Props for a brilliant app.

  2. >> adding support for Facebook's Mobile Web site
    Why not? ;)
    Add this suggestion to
    We will try to do our bests.

    >> Twitter's official Android client
    You are right on that one. We tried and couldn't get it working properly. Would only be possible if the users request for 3rd party integration support from the Twitter devs.