Saturday, September 3, 2011

Android Pro Widgets 1.1.4 released

This is mainly a bug fix release

[Calendar] Fixed Calendar not responding to cell clicks
[Calendar] [K] More text/timelines display styles
[Quick Event] Fixed wrong month when duration is specified
Fixed first automatic update being skipped.
Added some highly not recommended update intervals (due to user requests).
Go SMS Pro users:
When using latest GO SMS Pro the messaging widget won't update on incoming messages unless you uncheck the 'Disable other message notification' option in GO SMS Pro -> Settings -> Receive Settings.

Dr Appche Team.


  1. All widgets was scrollable but calendar widget... I using G2x for tmobile

  2. We are aware of that.

    The market page clearly states that currently the calendar is not scrollable in its month view mode.

  3. Timeline widget will not refresh at all when set to 5 or 10 minutes

  4. You are right.
    I forget to remove some security code that disallowed intervals lower than 15 minutes.
    Will be fix in next update.